Start WTF Optische Konzerttäuschung

Optische Konzerttäuschung

Nein, das ist kein Konzertfoto. micah.b.horn hat ein Baumwollfeld fotografiert.

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No it’s not a concert, but it is a heck of a show!! I will say, you do get your exercise when you take harvest photos!! As soon as that basket is full you jump off (without falling off I might add) before the boll buggy pulls up and hit a quick trot 50-100 feet out, crouch to get just the right angle with just the right light and pray that you’re holding the camera steady enough to actually get a clean image. And, when the transfer of cotton from stripper to boll buggy is complete, it’s a game of jumping back in the cotton stripper while in motion. I think the crew was waiting for me slip up but luckily, well, I’m a pro at this game…(jk I fell like twice) #vivallanoestacado #igtexas #harvest2017 #agrowlife

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