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Im Interview: RY X

Der Australier Ry Cuming aka RY X, der sich 2013 mit der eindringlichen Hymne „Berlin“ (bekannt aus der Sony-TV-Werbung) in die Köpfe einbrannte, kommt heute auf einen Valentins-Gig in Hamburg vorbei. Er wird das Uebel & Gefährlich mit seinem melancholischen Folk-Pop bespielen. Wir haben ihn gefragt, was es mit dem Text von „Berlin“ auf sich hat, wie er den langen, steinigen Weg zum Erfolg überstanden hat und wie er es schafft, seine weiteren Projekte The Acid und HOWLING unter einen Hut zu bringen.

„Berlin“ von RY X


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When you started doing music you did it first under your real name. Who decided that you should change your name into RY X?
I chose the name RY X as a collaborative title. I was involved in some raw scenes in LA and Berlin and at the time friends would use an ‚X‘ for when they worked together. We would have: LA X NYC when we did a collaboration between artists in New York and L A for example. I chose this idea as a name because I love I collaborate and wanted that freedom.
In the song „Berlin“ you sing about a girl in Berlin, that you leave to go back to Australia. Is that a real story? Did you really live in Berlin? And, if yes: What did you like aboutliving there and why?
Yah, that’s part of it. Lost love, lusting. Both for sensual connections, and for a place to call home. And I have lived in Berlin, a few times over the last few years. It’s become a second home in many ways. i really love that it’s a city run by the people. That art and culture is upheld. And that there is freedom within the streets

The song Shortline“ has quite cryptic lyrics. What are they about?
It holds a few different meanings at once but ultimately carries the idea of being intrinsically tied to someone, leashed to them, and the experiences of love and lusts through a personal mind while retaining ultimate closeness to a lover.

„Shortline“ von RY X


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How do you create your lyrics? When do the ideas for thelyrics come to you? And do you compose the melody first or are the lyrics always first?
Melodies come first. Fall out of the sky into mind and fingers, then lyrics come after. And that takes time. I always write from a very personal place. About experiences in my body and heart. And I either strip it to be raw in the lyrics or bury the meanings in prose.
Your debut-album came out in 2010, already. But somehow you didn“™t manage to make it to a real breaktrough until now. Was it hard to keep on going and to stick to your style of music? And what made you go on with being a musician even though you didn“™t have a bigger success?
I was a product of the industry on my first releases… I wasn’t being myself as an artist at that point. I had to take time away from everything, so I loved to Indonesia to surf and grow my hair and beard out. Become anonymous, let go of old self.. Then I could start making art from a naked and honest place. Success doesn’t lead or impress me. It’s the process if making and creating art that is most important to me

You“™re also very active with your band The Acid, in 2014 you published a new album with them. Why did you decide to be part of a band, in addition to your solo-project.
I love to create, and to collaborate. And I am part of many different scenes within music I guess. I love house and techno. I love droney music, I love Indian ragas and modern composers. So The Acid is a representation of another side of me, another part I wanted to express. Also my work with Frank Wiedemann as HOWLING. Another iteration. I like the idea that I don’t have to live within a confining box of what I should sound like. That feels limiting to me.

What’s the main characteristic about the music you do as RY X in comparison to the other stuff you do?
The main difference in RY X is that for this it’s all about what is raw, what is naked. To bare myself in this raw way for people. It’s not always easy but I feel it’s an important thing to be able to do. Not to over produce or hide behind too much sonically. Just to share as it is, from one heart to many hearts.

In 2014 you published an album with The Acid and your single „Sweat“ as RY X. How do you manage to work on all of your projects and be so productive? Where does the creativity to do two projects come from? And what do youdo to refresh your mind and relax?
It’s a bit crazy. Very crazy. To have RY X and The Acid and HOWLING. Three projects is all consuming. And then to run life in parallel. But right now i don’t feel I can let go of one. I need to express through all these channels. There is too much work and not enough time, but I love this work, the role of creation. I have opened a part of myself wide to carry all of this through to the world. It comes naturally right now, and may not always, so leaning into it right now important.
To relax.. Yoga, surfing. Finding time in the wild.

What do you expect oft he Hamburg audience?
I love hamburg, and Germany. I try not to hold expectations though. Would much prefer to allow the room tonight to be as it is, and enjoy what comes. It’s a relationship… We will create the energy together. And i feel it’s going to be special as hamburg is this kind of place too.

And do you have any recommendations on new music,the hottest shit that you listen to, that our readers should listen to, as well?
There is so much good music, and different music. I have a wide span of love for art across cultures, and styles. Some ideas: old and new: things I have been listening to, for the first time, or again after years away from them:

Coco Rosie
Cocteau twins
Yoshi wada
Philip glass
Planning to rock
Fever ray
Jai Paul
David August
Ali Farka toure
John wizards
Hariprasad chaurasia

Thank you so much for your answers!

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