StartMusikMixesInspiration 1: "Radiohead" mixed by David August

Inspiration 1: „Radiohead“ mixed by David August

I decided to share with you my musical inspirations with a series of mixes. There won’t be a specific period with these mixes as it takes it’s time to do them, but when ever I will have some time left I will work on the next one. The first I start with is „Radiohead“.

Hunting Bears – Radiohead
Rechoner – Radiohead
Kid A – Radiohead
Sail To The Moon – Radiohead
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – Radiohead
Knives Out – Radiohead
The Tourist – Radiohead
Pyramid Song – Radiohead
Fitter Happier – Radiohead
How To Disappear Completely – Radiohead
Scatterbrain – Radiohead
You And Whose Army – Radiohead
All I Need – Radiohead
Treefingers – Radiohead
Life In A Glass House – Radiohead
I Will (No Man’s Land) – Radiohead

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