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Fotograf macht fast 40 Jahre später seine Aufnahmen mit denselben Menschen noch einmal

Foto: Chris Porsz/Bav Media[/caption
Foto: Chris Porsz/Bav Media[/caption
Chris Porsz hat in seiner Heimatstadt Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (England) in den 70er, 80ern und 90ern als Sanitäter viel Zeit auf der Straße verbracht und fotografiert. Unter den Aufnahmen des damaligen Amateurfotografen und “paramedic paparazzo” finden sich jede Menge Portraits von Punks, Polizisten, Verliebten und Teenagern.

Fast 40 Jahre später hat Chris Porsz nun das Fotobuch Reunions mit 134 seiner Lieblingsbildern von damals und 134 rekonstruierten Aufnahmen von heute veröffentlicht. Die Besonderheit: Es sind dieselben Personen von damals, die er alle in den letzten Jahren mühevoll aufgespürt hat. Daily Mail schreibt:

‘The first 50 photos took around four years to do, but social media made it easier and soon I was struggling to keep up, sometimes doing 10 reunions a week.’

His reunion photos have seen him reunite old friends and relatives, some who had not seen each other for decades. Other pictures proved harder when people had moved abroad and some were particularly poignant when people had died and relatives stood in as a tribute.

Welch ein tolles Projekt!

Das einmalige Buch könnt ihr direkt bei Chris Porsz bestellen. Noch mehr tolle Bilder aus dem Buch gibt’s bei DailyMail.

Foto: Chris Porsz/Bav Media
Foto: Chris Porsz/Bav Media

Picture supplied by Chris Porsz/Bav Media 07976 880732. (Geoff Robinson Photography) Picture shows the cover of the book by Chris Porsz. An amateur photographer has amazingly tracked down people he snapped on the streets of his hometown 40 YEARS ago and painstakingly recreated more than 130 PICTURES in a remarkable new book. Paramedic Chris Porsz spent hours walking around the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the late 1970s and 80s, taking candid shots - without his subjects knowing and without recording their names or phone numbers. Three decades later, Chris, known as the "paramedic paparazzo," decided it would be fun to reconstruct a handful of his favourite photos from the past. Incredibly some of his long-lost subjects recognised themselves after he published their pictures in local and national papers, on his website and on Facebook. The reconstructions were such a success he was determined to do more and has spent the last SEVEN YEARS tracking down the people in his pictures and persuading them to pose once again. His hard work paid off and he has now published his photos in new book "Reunions," which comes out tomorrow (Fri Nov 4). SS COPY CATCHLINE Photos recreated after 40 YEARS

(Alle Bilder mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Chris Porsz)

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