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WhoMadeWho – Running Man & The Sun (Pitfalls of Modern Man) [Video]

WhoMadeWho Double Feature:

WhoMadeWho and Good Boy! Creative finish off their acclaimed „Pitfalls of Modern Man“ video trilogy with a darkly humorous tale about spoiled and greedy modern men who, in the words of Mr. Burns, would „give it all for a little more“.

This two-part video – covering the singles „Running Man“ and „The Sun“ from 2012s „Brighter“ album – takes place at a fictional media company „Umlaut Creative“ run by WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Barfod.

The company’s handsome, succesful employees are all smug and content in their cushy worlds of creative class self-righteousness and material prosperity. But when the company’s HR guy makes them fill out a list entitled „10 things to do before you turn 40“ their fragile bubbles burst, confidence turns to envy and envy erupts into violence…

The previous WhoMadeWho/Good Boy! Creative videos „Keep Me In My Plane“ and „Every Minute Alone“ have toured festivals all over the world and recieved widespread acclaim for their ambitious thematic depth, unusual for the music video medium. Both clips were nominated at the prestigious UK Music Video Awards.

The dual „Running Man/The Sun“ video is an attempt to push the boundaries of the medium even further, by telling a thoughtprovoking story of high complexity in an exiting and original form.


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