Musik, für die man eigentlich ein eigenes Genre kreieren müsste, machen „Phantom“ aus Helsinki. Die Sounds, die Hanna, Tommi und Phi kreieren, lassen Gänsehaut die Beine hochkrabbeln und wenn Hanna singt, kommt das elfengleich-sphärisch. Alternative Pop mit Electronica-Elementen trifft es eventuell am besten. Oder philosophischer ausgedrückt: „I feel like I“™ve been hugged by the sky“ – so beispielsweise BBC Radio 1-Moderatorin Edith Bowman über die Musik der Finnen.
Heute erscheint die Single „Over“ und wir zeigen Euch das Video zum Stück als exklusive Videopremiere!

Regie für das Video führte Pete Veijalainen.

Über die Enstehung des Songs sagt Sängerin Hanna:

We were in Copenhagen for some shows and fun when my ankle twisted and I needed to go to the hospital. I was waiting to get out on my feet again, and there I wrote the first draft of the song Over. It’s a song about dangerous stillness that can make one a hostage, whether in a relationship, a job or a seemingly (‚dressed up as‘) worthy but very destructive situation, one can become a junkie of. It is about losing the ability to response truthfully to yourself. And locking yourself in a treadmill of anxiety that has seemingly somewhat more comfortable seating, while blocking yourself out of your own real senses, losing each sense, one by one. My lyrics have always the weird tendency of becoming true in my life later on, in different perspectives. This song has had a particularly broad spectrum of manifestation in many different forms, that one could also call lessons learned.