StartMusikVideopremiere: ConnectieCuts - Hundr Gangr

Videopremiere: ConnectieCuts – Hundr Gangr

We’re damn proud to premiere the very first music video of the danish Duo ConnectieCuts.

ConnectieCuts started out as a spinoff from instrumental electro hiphop project All Earz.
The members eLeMeN (aka Lasse Nyborg) and ColorCowboys (aka Jesper Westh) wanted a more danceable sound and realized, that they both share the vision of music as a „terrain where we get the chance to create exciting, unique mixtures of the never thought of, but still so spot on kind.“

The video to the single „Hundr Gangr“ tells the story of a dog who leaves his owner to do no good. He humps a woman (played by the wonderful Fie Drejer), pisses on a man’s face and upsets the whole village. In the end he gets chased by an angry mob.
Danish filmmakers are famous for their special view on interpersonal dynamics and criticizing stuffy social systems. But director Mads Koudal (who’s starring as the dog) not only does that, he also manages to put this story about the obstinate dog in an aesthetic-mesmerizing light.
And as the beat with its several rhythm patterns drives us nuts, the only danish phrase we can remember is Lad os feste.


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BTW: The band members also play their parts: Nyborg plays the dog owner and Westh the man who gets pissed on.

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