StartSurreale Partyerlebnisse bei Prince

Surreale Partyerlebnisse bei Prince

„Thursday, February 09, 2006

Party @ Prince’s

3121. That is the name of Prince’s new upcoming CD and the address of his house. Last night I was one of the privileged few to experience a Prince party at his house. Thanks to my boy Jerome of The Time for bringing me, the Avila Brothers, Natural and Lucky Lou along. As I walked up the long driveway and saw the arch the bared the Prince symbol, I said to myself, „Damn I’m at Prince’s house.“ From there we went in this elevator which was very „Prince’d“ out with purple velvet walls with his gold symbol and a heart shaped mirror. „Now remember don’t stare at Prince when you see him,“ advised Jerome. As the elevator doors opened to the 3rd floor, this dope, funky music started playing and as we turned the corner, there was alive band rehearsing. I recognized the bass player and drummer, Josh and Coral, who play for Prince, and gave them a „what’s up“ head nod. Then on guitar I looked and asked myself, „Is that Prince?“ I looked again and it was him. So immediately I tried not to stare cause I didn’t want to be banned from the Prince house. So I just looked away and enjoyed the funky groove they was jammin too. Prince stopped and said, „We gonna have fun tonight.“

Jerome ushered us around the house which is more like a complex, and had us chill out in one of the guesthouse’s which was bigger than most regular houses. There’s a beautiful view of Hollywood and a lot of „3121“ pieces all around. From the napkins to the candles to the specially made sculpture that spurted out water. But hey it’s Prince. he can do whatever he wants.

The night was just surreal. The highlights of the night were hearing the sounds of one of my favorite DJs and THE flyest looking, DJ Rasheeda… Morris Day and The Time killing it playin all the hits (Fishnet is my jam)… Erykah Badu trying to remember the words to The Time’s song „girlfriend“… seeing Terry Lewis grab the bass and reunite with his original band and remembering all the dance steps… meeting FLoetry… talking to Goapele about how we know all the same people… and India Arie showing me her fly autographed James Taylor purse. Celebs in the house… Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxxx, Sheila E, Quest Love of the Roots, Herbie Hancock, Nas & Kelis, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan and Dave Chappelle. And to think, If I was still at The Beat I would never have gotten to experience this one in a lifetime event. So you ask how am I doing? What you think?“

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