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Solid Steel: A Tribute to De La Soul’s 3 Feet Hight And Rising

Vor einem Jahr hat die Solid Steel Radio Show „Paul’s Boutique“ gefeiert, heute feiert United States of Audio mit der Show „How High’s The Water Mama“ De la Souls legendäres Album „3 Feet High and Rising“ mit einer Art Audio Dokumentation.

Solid Steel (24th May) Following on from last year’s treatment of ‚Paul’s Boutique‘, United States of Audio does the same with De la Soul’s groundbreaking album 3 Feet High and Rising. It’s not just a mix, but more like an audio documentary about an album that is also about to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. In his own words;
‚Several years in the making and including around 100 tracks, this is my personal tribute to De La Soul’s ‚3 Feet High and Rising‘. Using original sample sources, album tracks, interviews and rarities, ‚How High’s The Water Mama‘ tells the story of one of hip hop’s most influential albums.
When De La Soul’s debut album dropped in 1989 I was ten years old. Yet, by some stroke of amazing good fortune a cassette copy of ‚3 Feet High and Rising‘ found its way into my hands thanks to my best mate’s older brother (though I’m pretty sure said brother had no idea of this fact!). The music was a revelation and had a significant influence in shaping my musical tastes – in fact I can’t think of any other album that has had such a profound effect on me as this one. Thus ‚3 Feet High and Rising‘ holds a special place in my musical affections. Now, some twenty-five years after its original release, it’s time to pay my respect to Pos, Dove, Mase, and Prince Paul…‘

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