Start Musik Scuba „You Got Me (I Got You)“ (Video)

Scuba „You Got Me (I Got You)“ (Video)

So ein Zufall: Scubas Album „Triangulation“ habe ich mir heute neben Radioheads „The King Of Limbs“ und „Crook & Lovers“ von Mount Kimbie gekauft. Dieses Remake-Video zu „You Got Me (I Got You)“ ist heute erschienen.

…seems to take the producer’s handle to heart as the entire affair is shot from the perspective of a camera submerged in some fresh water until it eventually ends up in a fish tank. Maybe the viewer is supposed to feel like a fish, flowing through some grand river only to end up in an aquarium in someone’s apartment, but it is really hard to consider things like this whilst Scuba’s amazingly melodic and funky rework is pounding away at the same time.