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Prince – A Purple Reign (BBC Four Doku komplett online)

Diese Doku dürfte für viele Prince Fans nichts wirklich neues bringen, aber dennoch ist sie verdammt interessant und lohnenswert anzuschauen.

This hour long documentary explores how Prince revolutionised the idea of Black music during the 1980″²s. The film was aired on BBC Four as part of their series looking at „four titans of African-American music: Janet Jackson, Prince, Lionel Richie and Public Enemy“. For Prince stans – there isn“™t very much in the way of „new“ information or insight here, but for those who aren“™t too familiar with the Purple one“™s story or journey – this will be an engaging watch. It documents his struggle to reach commercial success during the early years, as well as the game changing steps he took in his career – including the production of his Oscar winning, semi-autobiographical film „Purple Rain“.