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Ohne Dialoge: A Silent Story #1 – Pulp Fiction


Könnt ihr euch Pulp Fiction ohne die großartigen Dialoge und die Gewalt vorstellen? Die von Cinemabreak haben der ersten Ausgabe ihrer neuen A Silent Story Reihe genau das umgesetzt und schon wirkt der Film auf uns ganz anders.

Do you imagine Pulp Fiction without dialogues?

We all know that Quentin Tarantino is one of the best filmmakers out there, and the use of violence and long dialogues are some of the good aspects on his movies, but what if we removed those aspects from one of his best films? What would Pulp Fiction be like if there were no violence nor dialogue?

In this video essay series called „A Silent Story“, we will see how the story of a film unfolds with no dialogue, just leaving the original ambient sounds, pretending everything is under control and focusing on what does a body language transmit when the character is not talking at all.


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