Supercut: Alle Schimpfwörter aus Pulp Fiction

Motherfuckers, fucking shit, dies ist ein verfluchter Supercut.


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Just to clarify: this YouTube channel is and always has been for posting shit that I make, montages were just things that I made and wanted to post. This video is no exception, it was an idea and came out quite funny so I’m posting it.

For those wondering, here is what I categorised as a swear word during the creation of this video:
Basics (fuck, shit, bitch, etc)
A swear following generic words (mother, bull, son of a, etc)

What doesn’t count:
Ass (on it’s own)
Racial Slurs
Generic Name-Calling

This might be different where you currently reside but this is the way I have created it, it could change and very may well.