Start Musik Nitetrax Edition 11 – Minneapolis Special

Nitetrax Edition 11 – Minneapolis Special

Wax Poetics legt nach: Nach dem exklusiven Prince Mix von Dam Funk anlässlich Wax Poetics Issue #50 folgt nun das Minneapolis Special von Nitetrax mit jeder Menge Prince, Sheila E., The Time, The Family & Co. aus den purple 80’ern. FUNKY!

Prince “Rebirth of the Flesh” (unreleased) 1986
Prince “Baby Go-Go” (unreleased) 1986
Mazarati “100 MPH (version)” (unreleased) 1984
Wendy & Lisa “Honeymoon Express (Honeymoon instrumental)” (Columbia) 1988
André Cymone “The Dance Electric” (CBS) 1985
Alexander O’Neal “Fake (extended version)” (Tabu) 1987
Change “Change of Heart” (WEA) 1984
The Family “Mutiny” (Paisley Park) 1985
Jesse Johnson’s Revue “Can You Help Me” (A&M) 1985
The Time “I Don’t Wanna Leave You” (Warner Bros.) 1982
Bill Blow “Drop Funkin’” (Wide Angle) 1984
Ta Mara & the Seen “You Turn Me Up” (Hot Tracks) 1986
Mazarati “Champagne Saturday” (Paisley Park) 1986
The Girls “S-E-S-E-X (instrumental)” (Columbia) 1984
Sheila E. “A Love Bizarre (Parts I & II)” (Paisley Park) 1985
Prince & the Revolution “All My Dreams” (unreleased) 1985
Apollonia 6 “Sex Shooter (extended version)” (Warner Bros.) 1984
Prince “All Day, All Night” (unreleased) 1984
Prince & the Revolution “Computer Blue (long version)” (unreleased) 1983
Prince & the Revolution “Possessed” (unreleased) 1983
Dez Dickerson “Modernaire” (Citinite) 2008
Sheila E. “Too Sexy” (Warner Bros.) 1984

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