Start Lifestyle Der Nike Air Mag kommt 2015!

Der Nike Air Mag kommt 2015!


Update vom 22. Oktober 2015: Nike hat den Air Mag 2015 offiziell für Frühjahr 2016 angekündigt.

Update vom 07. Januar 2015: Der Nike Air Mag kommt in diesem Jahr berichtet Sole Collector mit den originalen Power Laces.

While speaking at the Agenda trade show in Long Beach on Monday, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed that power laces would debut in 2015 and that they would be featured on the Mag. Release information, pricing, and availability have yet to be announced but Hatfield did say „there are still 11 and two-thirds months left in 2015,“ so be patient. Whenever Nike does debut the Mag to the public with power laces, expect them to be in a limited variety.

Ursprünglicher Beitrag vom Februar 2015:

snkrbx berichtet, dass im Oktober 2015 der Nike Air Mag auf den Markt kommt! Sneakerheads können nach dieser Meldung vermutlich nicht einschlafen und wenn doch, dann wachen sie garantiert nach süßen Träumen mit einem feuchten  Höschen wieder auf. Und selbst ich, der ich kein Sneakerhead bin, würde mir so ein paar Air Mags sogar in die Vitrine stellen, die ich dafür noch bauen müsste. Als Wertanlage versteht sich.

Angeblich soll es den Air Mag in zwei Varianten geben.  Einmal als Air Mag ohne die Lichter und die Power Laces und einmal mit, so wie man den Schuh aus „Zurück in die Zukunft II“ kennt. Und dafür hatte Nike sogar ein Patent angemeldet.

Oh yeah, we“™re droppin“™ it too loud anticipating all the major channels and taking this responsibility.

Highlight this date, cause Nike insiders gave us a tip about something that is more than a rumor: on 2015 there will be the release of Air Mags, already anticipated by the well-known auction on eBay. Let“™s explain everything from scratch. In relatively short time there will be a promotional campaign starting, that“™s expected to be something epochal. The models that will be released on October of next year will be two. A first one without lights and Power Laces, the auto-lacing system shown on Back To The Future, that should be sold at Foot Locker spots. A second one including all the original features, like the previous ones but adding Power Laces, already patented by Nike, and that should be sold at highly selected stores. It“™s useless to speak about the delirium we“™re going to face. Air Mags are probably the only Nike model that is able to wipe out the interest and hype created by Air Yeezys. Now we have just to patiently wait the beginning of the show, probably on Wednesday 21st of October 2015, a very important date as true Back To The Future Part II fans will perfectly remember.

Update vom 17.02.2014: Nikes Chef-Designer Tinker Hatfield bestätigt, dass die Marty McFlys Power Laces 2015 wirklich kommen. Sole Collector berichtet:

During an appearance at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space in New Orleans earlier today, designer Tinker Hatfield was asked about the possibility of seeing power lacing next year, and his answer may surprise you.

„Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!“ said Hatfield.