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Neue Digitalism Single „Wolves“ feat. Youngblood Hawke

Digitalism sind mit neuer Single „Wolves“ zurück. „Wolves“ ist der 1. Vorbote vom neuen Album, das ebensfalls noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen soll. Überhaupt soll dieses Jahr ein Jahr vor Überraschungen werden. Wir sind gespannt.

Der Song liefert übrigens auch die Musik für die Vodafone Werbung 4 Milliarden.

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‚Wolves“™ will be the 1st single from Digitalism that puts the band in a very different place to anything previously released. The last communication from Digitalism marked the beginning of this new direction in the form of a Soundcloud-Only release at the start of 2014. This statement of intent will not relent; 2014 will be The Year of surprises for Digitalism fans, with „˜Wolves“™ being the first official release to subscribe to it.

For many fans „˜Wolves“™ might seem long over-due, having premiered as the opening track of their Boiler Room DJ set during !Melt Festival, 2013. Since then the band kept an eye on their Socials and the comments, watching the fan-bases“™ curiosity naturally grow. The 2nd time „˜Wolves“™ was unleashed was once more a opening track for their much-lauded „˜I Love Techno“™ DJ Set in December 2013. This time it caused a flurry of fan-driven YouTube videos, since which, each time the band post a new DJ set or link to previous ones, fans ask over again for the release of „˜Wolves.“™

Well we are finally prepared to let it go. Why? Again we come to the new direction the band have entered, their music at the heart of it. The first months of 2014 were spent writing in LA and producing new music, road testing demos and ideas at their Twice Monthly East-LA Warehouse parties. The reaction to these shows was incredible, with each of the 4 dates selling-out way in advance, but still queues around the bloc on the nights. In fact the reaction on one date was catastrophic, receiving a Police enforced shut-down with a small army and not one, but two helicopters. Sorry Tax Payers! Since these dates the excitement has been infectious and the results have finally convinced Digitalism that they have a raft of releases to get-out between now and the start of 2015. So let“™s go“¦

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