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Neue Alben im Stream: Matthew Herbert, Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Leon, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Ice Cube & Magnetic Man

Fünf Alben die ich mir die Tage anhören werde:

Kings Of Leon „Come Around Sundown“

1. The End
2. Radioactive
3. Pyro
4. Mary
5. The Face
6. The Immortals
7. Back Down South
8. Beach Side
9. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck

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Albumstream Kings Of Leon „Come Around Sundown“

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Matthew Herbert „One Club“

1. Robert Johnson
2. Jenny Neuroth
3. Alex Duwe
4. Oliver Bauer
5. Marcus Bujak
6. Marlies Hoeniges
7. Nicolas Ritter
8. Jalal Malekidoost
9. Rafik Dahhane
10. Kerstin Basler

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Albumstream Matthew Herbert „One Club“
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Belle & Sebastian „Write About Love“

1. I Didn’t See It Coming
2. Come On Sister
3. Calculating Bimbo
4. I Want The World To Stop
5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John
6. Write About Love
7. I’m Not Living In The Real World
8. The Ghost Of Rockschool
9. Read The Blessed Pages
10. I Can See Your Future
11. Sunday’s Pretty Icons

VÖ war am 8.10..

Albumstream Belle & Sebastian „Write About Love“
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Mark Ronson & The Business Intl „Record Collection“

1. Bang Bang Bang feat. Q-Tip & MNDR
2. Lose It (In the End) feat. Ghostface Killah
3. The Bike Song feat. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock
4. Somebody to Love Me feat. Boy George
5. You Gave Me Nothing feat. Andrew Wyatt & Rose Elinor Dougall
6. The Colour of Crumar
7. Glass Mountain Trust feat. D’Angelo
8. Circuit Breaker
9. Introducing the Business feat. Pill & London Gay Men’s Chorus
10. Record Collection feat. Simon LeBon & Wiley
11. Selector
12. Hey Boy feat. Rose Elinor Dougall & Theophilus London
13. Missing Words
14. The Night Last Night

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Albumstream Mark Ronson & The Business Intl „Record Collection“
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl „Record Collection“ bei Amazon kaufen

Ice Cube „I Am The West“

1. A Boy Was Conceived (Intro)
2. Soul on Ice
3. Life in California feat. Jayo & WC
4. She Couldn’t Make It on Her Own feat. OMG & Doughboy
5. Urbanian
6. Y’all Know How I Am feat. OMG, Doughboy & WC
7. Too West Coast feat. WC & Maylay
8. I Rep That West
9. Drink the Kool-Aid
10. No Country for Young Men
11. It Is What It Is
12. Hood Robbin‘
13. Your Money Or Your Life
14. Nothing Like La
15. All Day Everyday
16. Fat Cat

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Albumstream Ice Cube „I Am The West“
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Magnetic Man „Magnetic Man“

1. Flying Into Tokyo
2. Fire feat. Ms Dynamite
3. I Need Air feat. Angela Hunte
4. Anthemic
5. The Bug
6. Ping Pong
7. Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B
8. Mad
9. Boiling Water feat. Sam Frank
10. K Dance
11. Crossover feat. Katy B
12. Box Of Ghosts
13. Karma Crazy
14. Going Nowhere feat. John Legend

VÖ war 8.10..

Albumstream Magnetic Man „Magnetic Man“
Magnetic Man „Magnetic Man“ bei Amazon kaufen

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