Start Musik Musikvideo des Tages: Metronomy – Lately

Musikvideo des Tages: Metronomy – Lately

Metronomy melden sich mit ihrer neuen Single „Lately“ samt Musikvideo zurück. Regie beim Clip, das eine Hommage an den 80er-Jahre-Klassiker „Liebling, ich habe die Kinder geschrumpft“ ist, führte Bandleader Joseph Mount. Es zeigt die geschrumpfte Band die aus einer alten Kassetten auf dem Bett eines Schulmädchens rausklettert.

Mount sagt: „This music video is a pop promo in the grand tradition of pop promos: End of school on a Friday afternoon, Mysterious little people that live in a cassette tape, concerned parents and special FX. The song and video are both about growing up.

I’ve absolutely loved taking the opportunity to direct our own music videos. I have quite strong opinions on what music videos are for in 2019 and how they should be presented and this has been a chance for me to put my money where my mouth is!

The most impressive thing I’ve realised is how much of a group effort creating a music video is. I’ve always known it, but this time I’ve obviously worked much closer with the various characters, involved in every department. So, thank you to them.“

Metronomy live 2019:
15.06. Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg
20.07. ZMF Festival, Freiburg