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Jamie Lidell kündigt neues Album „Building A Beginning“ an + neue Single „Walk Right Back“ im Stream

Jamie Lidell (Foto: Marc Ehrich)

Jamie Lidell ist zurück. Heute hat der Brite sein neues Album „Building A Beginning“ für den 14. Oktober auf eigenem Label Jajulin Records angekündigt. Dem Fader hat Lidell erzählt, dass sein neues Album vom Soul von Stevie Wonder und Chaka Khan inspiriert wurde. Anders als bei seiner letzten Schreibe sind auf dem neuen Album zahlreiche Gastmusiker vertreten. Lidell gegenüber dem Fader:

You worked with tons of collaborators on this album. What was it like to bring such a big group together?

This record does feature a lot of returning characters from my most prolific period, I guess. Mocky is featured a lot on the record. We did such great work back in the day „” I love working with him. I managed to get Pino Palladino is on the record „” he’s playing on three of the tracks. We get along; he stayed at my house when he was working with Keith Urban and staying in Nashville. He just called me up, and we’d been wanting to play together for a while. One of the engineers who’s involved in the record used to work with Bill Withers. I’ve got, like Chaka Khan’s backing singers, Amy Winehouse’s keyboard player, and my friend Pat Sansone from Wilco, and Daryl Jones, who played drums with Jack White and is just a stupid badass drummer on every track. I did a track with Ben Ash „” Two Inch Punch „” you know, with the Benny Blanco connection, and this guy, Deron Johnson who used to work with Miles Davis. So I’ve got this sort of D’Angelo, Miles Davis, Bill Withers, Chaka Kahn, really crazy sort of skill set of these amazing people.

On my last album, it’s pretty much me, you know? It’s pretty much me and my brain and a lot of machines, with my keyboard player at the time. So this is a very different aesthetic. This one, I took the time to track all the drums, as well, outside of my house. Also, we went to the Sound Emporium, which is where they did the Alabama Shakes album, which is here in town. It’s such a great room. It just has such a crazy sound for the drums.

Wir sind gespannt. Die erste Single „Walk Right Back“ macht Bock auf mehr.

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Direkt im Anschluss an die Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums ist Jamie Lidell hierzulande auch auf Tour.

Jamie Lidell And The Royal Pharaohs „Building a Beginning“ Tour Termine:
Sa., 22.10.2016 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
So., 23.10.2016 Berlin, ASTRA
So., 30.10.2016 Köln, Die Kantine
Mo., 31.10.2016 München, Technikum Kultfabrik

„Building a Beginning“ Tracklist:
1. „Building a Beginning“
2. „Julian“
3. „I live to Make You Smile“
4. „Find It Hard to Say“
5. „Me and You“
6. „How Did I Live Before Your Love“
7. „Walk Right Back“
8. „Nothing“™s Gonna Change“
9. „In Love and Alone“
10. „Motionless“
11. „Believe In Me“
12. „I Stay Inside“
13. „Precious Years“
14. „Don’t Let Me Let You Go“

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