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Im Interview: Chvrches – „Our new album is smooth and rich and creamy.“

Foto: Danny Clinch
Foto: Danny Clinch

Am 25.9. ist mit „Every Open Eye“ die zweite Platte von Chvrches erschienen. Ich habe die Band vor dem Release auf dem Lollapalooza in Berlin getroffen und mit ihnen über das Album gesprochen, das sie dort live präsentierten. Dabei kam raus: Ian hat das gleiche Lieblingslied wie ich. Welches das ist, steht im Kurzinterview.

Your album „Every Open Eye“ will be out by the end of September. How would each of you define this album, if you had only one adjective?
chocolatily. Because it’s smooth and rich and creamy.
Lauren: Assertive. Because when I listen to that album it sounds a lot more sure of itself than the first one.

To me „Every Open Eye“ sounds very mature. What do you think was the most important thing to reach this maturity?
I guess we weren’t thinking about changing something neccessarily. We just wanted to evolve it. And I think we learned a lot about what the band is and what Chvrches is. We were just changing the approach. We were a bit more focused and not overcomplicated. And I think you can hear on the record, that the songs sound a bit like less is more.

And also your voice sounds a lot mature. What do you think about this?
Yeah, I think so, too. But that’s the thing about every vocalist, that the voice changes within time. It’s a physical thing, so your voice changes anyway, but singing here and there means learning a lot about your voice, which is very helpful just in terms of getting to know it more and what you could do and what you want it do. And I think that’s so refreshing on that album, to have more scope.

„The Mother We Share“ has nearly 50 million streams on Spotify. Did you have the pressure to have a big one like this one on the new album?
No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we really pay attention to those things. It’s one of those things we’re not really focused on. We’re more interested in actually writing songs and communicating with people on a daily basis. That stuff actually never really translated to me. To me it’s much more important to speak to someone.
Lauren: Yeah, the difference to the first album is, that there’s an audience for the band there. And thinking „how am I gonna write a song like this again“ would not help us, but rather prevent us from focusing on what we should be focused on. And in addition: We didn’t want to write one song which would carry the rest of the album.

Which song is your favourite one on „Every Open Eye“?
I think for me it’s „Clearest Blue“. Right from the second that we wrote it. It feels like one of the songs in which we actually properly achieved everything: It has great emotional depth and has a release that is super dancy. And there is a sprinkling melancholy in it, as well.
I guess it changes from there and there. It’s really hard to choose my favourite title. I really like the song Afterglow though. It kind of draws a line on the record.
Martin: I like „Keep you on my side“ best.