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Gilles Peterson – Roy Ayers 75th Birthday Mix


Mit einem Mix gratuliert Gilles Peterson seinem Buddy Roy Ayers zum 75.. Der Birthday Mix enthält jede Menge Ayers Hits mit dem für ihn so typischen Xylophon Sound (nenn ich jetzt mal so).

Celebrating the 75th birthday of Mr Roy Ayers with this mix, showcasing some of my favourite tracks from his slightly lesser known material“¦ Well, I mean compared to tracks like Everybody
Loves The Sunshine, Searching, We Live In Brooklyn, Running Away, Love Will Bring Us Back Together“¦

I also hear new stuff that I hadn“™t noticed before when I listen to his music – the track with Jack Wilson that opens the mix up is so heavy and cosmic for its time, and I“™d forgotten about the track with Wayne Henderson! There are so many great albums out there including the 2 Virgin Ubiquities BBE put out… We could devote a whole week of radio programmes to Roy, his archive is so large“¦

He is the key to all things between jazz, soul, disco and hip hop“¦. Thank you roy for all the music…

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Jack Wilson Quartet feat. Roy Ayers – Ramblin“™. LP: Ramblin, 1966 (Fresh Sound Records)
Roy Ayers – Lil“™s Paradise. LP: Stoned Soul Picnic, 1968 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – The Third Eye. LP: Everybody Loves The Sunshine, 1976 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Intro. LP: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1972 (Verve)
Roy Ayers – Sweet Tears. LP: He“™s Coming, 1972 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Ain“™t No Sunshine. LP: Red, Black and Green, 1973 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – A Tear to a Smile. LP: A Tear to a Smile, 1975 (polydor)
Roy Ayers – Every Time I See You. LP: You Send Me, 1978 (polydor)
Ethel Beatty – It“™s Your Love. 12″: 1981 (Uno melodic)
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – For Real. LP: Step Into Our Life, 1978 (Polydor)
RAMP – I Just Love You. LP: Come Into Knowledge, 1977 (Blue Thumb)
Roy Ayers – Everybody. LP: Lots of Love, 1983 (Uno Melodic)
Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland. LP: Africa Centre of the World, 1981 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Gotta Find a Lover. LP: Lifeline, 1977 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – You Came into my Life. LP: Lets Do It, 1978 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Hummin“™. LP: Ubiquity, 1970 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Shadows. LP: Daddy Bug, 1969 (Atlantic)

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