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DJ Dudley D: DEEP PURPLE Prince Mix

Heute jährt sich zum ersten Mal der Todestag von Prince. Mit einem „DEEP PURPLE“ Mix ehrt DJ Dudley D den Meister aus Minneapolis. DJ Dudley D begleitete Prince auf der One Night Alone Tour rund um den Globus. Der Mix ist fett und unterscheidet sich deutlich von den üblichen Greatest Hits Mixes.

This is a mix of „deep“ Prince tracks. My idea behind this mix was to make something that would expose the average Prince fan to stuff they probably have not heard and at the same time, it would be something that the hardcore friends would enjoy.

1. For You
2. Dark
3. Get On The Boat
4. Right Back Here In My Arms
5. Funky Design
6. Days Of Wild
7. Sex Me? Sex Me Not
8. Silicon
9. Rebirth Of The Flesh
10. Dreamer
11. Rock & Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis)
12. Sexy Dancer (Live at First Avenue March 8th,1982)
13. FUNKNROLL (Scratches by DJ Dudley D)
14. If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
15. Sexual Suicide
16. Cindy C.
17. New Position
18. Dolphin
19. June

(Danke Taner)