Start Musik Coldplay - Image (Paris Tribute live @ L.A.)

Coldplay – Image (Paris Tribute live @ L.A.)

„Coldplay postponed a planned livestream concert in Los Angeles on 13th November 2015, in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

The band added that they would be playing a short, intimate set of old material for concertgoers already en route to the show at the Belasco Theatre, in Los Angeles, California. „We send our love and prayers to the people of Paris,“ the band concluded in their statement.

Singer Chris Martin opened the show with a moment of silence for the people of Paris, and the band played a cover of John Lennon’s „Imagine“ in tribute.“


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Marc hat ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seit 2005 seine Leidenschaft für Musik und das Internet.


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