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Weezer Tiny Desk Concert

Weezer performs a Tiny Desk Concert on Feb. 27, 2019 (Amr Alfiky/NPR).

Weezer spielen ein Tiny Desk Konzert, entirely acoustic set without the in-ear monitors. Und ich freue mich auf das Weezer Konzert im Sommer in Hamburg.

Longtime Sunshine
Living in L.A.
Across the Sea
High as a Kite


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This is probably the loosest you’ll ever see Weezer. Known for meticulously produced — and electric — live shows, frontman Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the band settled in behind the Tiny Desk for an entirely acoustic set without the in-ear monitors, click track or vocal separation they usually employ to stay locked-in and tight for bigger performances. The result is surprisingly intimate, with songs that feel lived-in and rumpled, like an old flannel shirt from the ’90s.

Weezer opened with one of the band’s rarer songs: „Longtime Sunshine,“ a 1994 track that’s only appeared as a Rivers Cuomo home recording on bootlegs and compilations, and on the deluxe edition of Pinkerton. Then the band performed a stripped-down version of its electro-pop song „Living in L.A.,“ from Weezer’s new self-titled „Black Album,“ followed by another deep cut, „Across the Sea.“ It’s a song Cuomo originally wrote in his early 20s, inspired by a fan letter he’d received from a young woman in Japan. While beloved by many Gen-Xers who’d first heard it on 1996’s Pinkerton, the song’s lyrics haven’t aged terribly well.

Weezer returned to its newest material to close the set with „High as a Kite,“ from the new album. A song of innocence and escapism, Cuomo sings about daydreaming and how he wants to disappear — which is exactly what the band did once the song was over, but not before Cuomo told the crowd, „We are Weezer, from the planet Earth. Have a nice life!“

Marc hat ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seit 2005 seine Leidenschaft für Musik und das Internet.


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