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Robag Wruhme Cologne Stream Mai 2020

Nach seinem Day und Night Sets lässt und Robag Wruhme auch im Mai nicht alleine zu Hause.

Dear people,

we decided to publish the set from Cologne. The set is not very good in terms of mixing. That annoys me most of us, but I won’t shorten or cut anything out because I don’t think I’m a DJ who would ever think of pressing the sync-button. I am not perfect as we all cannot be perfect. In addition, the monitor-boxes could not be operated at full power because there were residents around and you know that the most important thing about our music is the loud volume. „Calma Calma“ dear music-police!
It is also not easy to play music these days as the most important thing is missing from such streams – which is You. You as a crowd. I miss your smile, your closed eyes dancing and now and then the little tear. Everything I see in front of me is nothing. This is strange and not complete for me.
I am very grateful for all the feedback from around the world. That left me very speechless here in little Weimar. Think of your clubs, your festivals, your newspapers, your labels, your record stores, your DJs and your musicians. They all gave and give you the food (music).


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