Start Musik Nicolas Jaar – TRANSITION (POV Boiler Room DJ set)

Nicolas Jaar – TRANSITION (POV Boiler Room DJ set)

Gemeinsam mit dem Boiler Room hat Nicolas Jaar den Film „Transition“ aufgenommen. „Transitions“ „erzählt“ die Geschichte eines Abends mit Jaars DJ Set im New Yorker DIY Venue Aviv im September 2016 aus dem Blickwinkel eines Besuchers.

Tipp: Am 25. Juni kann man Nicolas Jaar übrigens live auf der Freilichtbühne im Hamburger Stadtpark erleben.

Boiler Room presents „˜TRANSITION‘ – a singular visual experience by the visionary Chilean-American artist and the world’s leading underground music channel.

Shot in Brooklyn at the now-defunct DIY venue Aviv in September 2016, the film takes a cue from Jaar“™s semi fictitious network of interlocking radio stations as well as his latest studio album ‚Sirens‘.

From its very first enigmatic scene to the unmissable ending, „˜TRANSITION‘ is an unscripted POV journey into one night in NY at a transitional time in America.

Rainbow Power (T.Thomas)
I Know What U Did (Nymphs V)
American Dream Radio (Network #156)
A Coin In Nine Hands (Nymphs VI)
We Can Rise Above ()
Allegrate Con La Bulla (Cumbia 4 Trump)
Everybody ¡¡¡Slit-Thru-Lose-Control (Arca x Missy)
Free rotation 003 (Duckett – Naaice track!)
Elegua (Nico + Obbatuke Prod @ Manana fest 2016)
Swinging Stars Orchestra
Djal Bai Si Camin (A Dos Santos woowooo)
RIP Aviv
Make Your Transition (UR)
Who 2 Govern (Sirens)