Start Musik Midnight Soulstice: Tribute to Lyn Collins feat. Fred Wesley, Marva Whitney and...

Midnight Soulstice: Tribute to Lyn Collins feat. Fred Wesley, Marva Whitney and more…

lyncollinsDer am 13. März 2005 verstorbenen Soul Diva Lyn Collins widmeten Mr. Felty und DJ Pari vergangene Woche ihre Show:

Midnight-Soulstice co-host DJ Pari managed Lyn’s last European tour in 2005 and was her de-facto manager in the final weeks of her life. We’ll discuss her legacy, talk to people who knew Lyn and we’ll surprise you with some very special guests on tonight’s show – like FRED WESLEY, MARVA WHITNEY, DRIKA and Lyn’s oldest son BOBBY. But most importantly, we’ll play lots of Lyn’s music and give her the biggest radio tribute she’s ever had – because she deserves it!

Lyn is mainly known for her association with James Brown – between 1970 and 1975, the Godfather of Soul produced two albums and a dozen singles for her, that were released on his People label. Because of her raunchy vocal style, subtleness and chit-chat with her audience, JB dubbed her „Mama Feelgood“ and „The Female Preacher“. Lyn was also the main featured female vocalist on the James Brown show during those years. Her biggest hit to this day is the gospel-style Funk song „Think (about it)“, which was released in 1972 and later widely sampled in Hip Hop, most famously in Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s „It takes two“, and in hits by Janet Jackson, Slick Rick, EPMD and Fatman Scoop among many others.


Midnight Soulstice: Tribute to Lyn Collins feat. Fred Wesley, Marva Whitney and more…
Download: Tribute to Lyn Collins

– Lyn Collins: It’s a foggy Day (People)
– Lyn Collins: Rock me again & again & again & again & again & again (People)
– Lyn Collins: Wheel of Life (Polydor)
– Lyn Collins & James Brown: Just won’t do right (Polydor)
– Lyn Collins: Things got to get better (People)
– Lyn Collins: Fly me to the Moon (People)
– Lyn Collins: Me and my baby got a good thing going (People)
– Lyn Collins: Think (About it) (People)
– Lyn Collins: Give it up or turnit a loose (People)
– Lyn Collins: Don’t make me over (People)
– Lyn Collins: Wild Awake in a Dream (People)
– Lyn Collins: To each his Own (People)
– Lyn Collins: Never gonna give you up (People)
– Lyn Collins: Take me just as I am (People)
– Lyn Collins: Do your thing (People)
– Lyn Collins: Women’s Lib (People)
– Lyn Collins: You can’t love me if you don’t respect me (People)
– Lyn Collins: Mr. Bigstuff (People)
– Lyn Collins: Backstabbers (People)
– Lyn Collins: Mama Feelgood (People)

Marc hat ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seit 2005 seine Leidenschaft für Musik und das Internet.


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