Start Musik Kate Bush „Deeper Understanding“ (Official Video)

Kate Bush „Deeper Understanding“ (Official Video)

Tolles und neues Video zu „Deeper Understanding“ von Kate Bush. Electronic Beats schreibt:

So the new Kate Bush album we reported on earlier this year is actually happening, and as the promotion machine grinds into action, the first lady of Alt has released a video for the re-recorded version of ‚Deeper Understanding‘. Featuring a daring use of auto-tune the song, which was originally recorded in 1980, is scarily relevant today.

Staring Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, the video was directed Bush herself and shows the story of man who has an illicit liaison with .. a computer programme.

„Deeper Understanding“ erscheint auf dem Album „Director’s Cut“, da hierzulande am 13. Mai erscheint. „Director’s Cut“ enthält neu eingesungene und bespielte Versionen ihrer Alben „The Sensual World“ und „The Red Shoes“.