StartMusikJames Pants Beats Archive II (Free Download)

James Pants Beats Archive II (Free Download)

Stones Throw Artist James Pants schmeißt eine Ladung Beats aus den Jahren 2006 bis 2010 zum freien Download in die Runde.

Back in Sept. 2011 we brought you the first installment, James Pants Beat Archive Pt. 1, aka „JP Failed Rap Beats 2004-2008.“ In the words of the producer himself, this series is, „from a vast collection of oddities, soddities, and heresies from back in the days when I thought I could be a rap producer.“

In our opinion, meaning no disrespect to the world of talented rappers, these beats work great without any loop-ruiners spitting all over them.

So here’s the second set, 2006-2010. Cover image by Jeff Jank. Photo by Schiko. Sludge by BP. Enjoy.


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