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GUTTERDÄMMERUNG – Premiere 06.05.2016 in Berlin

Am 06.05.2016 steigt die Premiere von Gutterdämmerung – The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth im White Trash in Berlin. Es gibt nur 250 Plätze front of stage. Tickets gibt es bei koka, eventim, ticketmaster oder auf der Gutterdämmerung Seite. Die Ticketpreise beginnen bei €60 für einen Stehplatz und reichen bis €202 inkl. Tisch und 3 Gänge Menü.

Gesschrieben hat das dunkle Märchen der schwedische Regisseur BJÖRN TAGEMOSE zusammen mit HENRY ROLLINS. Der Film spielt in einer Welt, in der Gott die Menschheit von allen Sünden befreite indem er ihr die E(vil)-Gitarre wegnahm. Als Folge hat sich die Erde in eine puritanischen Welt ohne Sex, Drugs und Rock ’n‘ Roll verwandelt. Punkengel Vicious schickt heimlich die Gitarre zurück auf die Erde. Und das Spiel kann beginnen.

Much in the tradition of classic movies of 1920″™s Hollywood, the film is mostly silent but instead of a lone piano a live rock band of rock express the emotions and action whilst special effects from the film explode to life all around the audience. Think of a deafening rock „˜n“™ roll version of Secret Cinema taking place in hell and you might just begin to have an idea of what Gutterdämmerung is.

Der Film wird von einer Rockband und einem Erzähler live begleitet.


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Der Cast liest sich wie ein sehr gutes Festival Line-Up.

GRACE JONES plays the only person that can control all of the testosterone of all rock and roll bastards in this loud film. She is the ultimate nemesis, an African Goddess from Hell. A beautiful and dangerous face that for most of them, may just well be the last one they ever see.

HENRY ROLLINS plays exactly that what repulses him in real life a Priest Svengali. The Oxford English Dictionary describes a Svengali as „˜a person who exercises a
controlling or mesmeric influence on another, especially for a sinister purpose“™.

IGGY POP plays the angel Vicious the catalyst of the story that sets the whole world on fire. God has left this punk angel at heavens gate, now he needs to test humanity, and maybe Vicious has not quite yet earned his place behind the Pearly Gates.

JESSE HUGHES plays a bounty hunter that kills sound for money. In Gutterdämmerung he works for the very people he hates in real life, those who use false morality as oppression.

LEMMY will be playing a crazed general leading the ‚Armour Cavalry‘ during a dark explosive moment for the two heroines of Gutterdämmerung.

Michael Poulsen and Rob Caggiano from VOLBEAT will be trading in their guitars for flamethrowers to fight and light their way through the ultimate apocalyptic battle of Gutterdämmerung.

As a mysterious messenger of darkness TOM ARAYA will be ‚bringing the light‘ by setting the silver screen on fire with a truly primal performance.

MARK LANEGAN finds himself in a scene that could have been dreamed up by Edgar Allan Poe. In the role of a gravedigger, Mark has an encounter with our heroine Juliette and a strange visitor looking for his soul leading to psychedelic consequences.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE“™S JOSH HOMME is today probably one of the most influential rock artists but in Gutterdämmerung big bad boy Josh has put down the guitar and brings Death itself to life with his bazooka poetically known as „Death“™s Dominion“.

JUSTICE, the hippest electro rockers not only in Paris but the entire world, find out what happens when you touch a sacred guitar and find them themselves turned to… ah, but that would be giving it away wouldn“™t it? You“™ll have to watch and see.

NINA HAGEN makes a short and sudden appearance in the most unexpected place for high priestess of punk. Come and see Gutterdämmerung and you may just find her.

Like a thief in the night and with the cool style of a true Rock and Roll Phantomas, SLASH starts the quest for the „Phallic tool of eternal torment…“


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