Start Film & TV Gangs, Drill & Prayer – Vom Gangsterrapper zum Pastor (Doku)

Gangs, Drill & Prayer – Vom Gangsterrapper zum Pastor (Doku)

In UK gibt offenbar eine Szene von jungen Christen, denen esmit Rap  gelingt, Gang-Mitglieder von der Straße zu holen. Die BBC hat einen ehemaligen Gangsterrapper begleitet, der mit 21 Jahren Pastor geworden ist.

How young Christians are using rap & drill music to lure gang members away from streets & towards God

We join Enrique on his extraordinary journey from south London gangster rapper, to Pastor at just 21 years old.

We meet the artists whose music is reaching out to youths & inspiring change. Artists like Hope Dealers, who spit holy bars over the hardest of beats, drill.

These movements, however, do not come without controversy; wearing balaclavas in church, accusations of being a cult & the large sums of money involved, have prompted some to question their holy intentions.