Start Film & TV Dr. Dre Doku-Serie „The Defiant Ones“ (Trailer)

Dr. Dre Doku-Serie „The Defiant Ones“ (Trailer)

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The Defiant Ones tells the stories of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre“Š“”“Šone the son of a Brooklyn longshoreman, the other straight out of Compton“Š“”“Šand their improbable partnership and surprising leading roles in a series of transformative events in contemporary culture.

The series includes interviews with such music icons as Bono, David Geffen, Eminem, Nas, Stevie Nicks, Ice Cube, Gwen Stefani, Jon Landau, Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen, Diddy and, as well as Dre and Iovine themselves, and is essential viewing for anyone interested in the history of hip-hop and modern pop.

All four episodes will be available to stream on Netflix from 23 March.