StartMusik"Dopest spoof of the Barbra video": copy_paste "Ursula Stressned" (official Video)

„Dopest spoof of the Barbra video“: copy_paste „Ursula Stressned“ (official Video)

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I“™ve seen a lot of spoofs of the „Barbra Streisand“ video. Some of them have been clever. All of them flattering. But I gotta say, this one is miles ahead of the pack.

Here is the backstory. There“™s a Austrian politician called Ursula Stenzel. She“™s apparently trying to pass a law to impose a 4am curfew on nightclubs. In that part of Europe that“™s pretty uncommon. Clubs in Berlin can stay open as late as they want, for example. So these guys in Vienna decided to remake our video featuring the who“™s-who of their local music scene, reenacting every scene, every guest, every piece of decor“¦ EVERYTHING. Shot for shot. It“™s nuts.

Armand was recently in Vienna so they were able to record him for a drop at the beginning. „Ursula Stressned“ means „Ursula, don“™t stress“.


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Den Clip gibt es auch mit Split Screen mit dem dem original „Barbara Streisand Video von Duck Sauce. Nach dem Klick.

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