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DāM-FunK: Selections from the 1994 private press DāM-FunK cassette tape: „Tranquil Funk“ (Download)

Recorded in 1994 in my bedroom, this is: „Tranquil Funk“; which was a 16 track cassette tape only given out 2 close friends & associates in my Pasadena, Ca. neighborhood, without any intentions of getting a ‚record deal‘ or any of the sort. I was just doing what I love: Music.

At this time in my life I was very young in the mind (via the ‚immature use‘ of the ‚N‘ word, in ’some‘ of these tracks & a word I NEVER will use in ‚my own personal music‘ ever again), yet musically advanced amongst my peers. This ‚limited time only‘ FREE DOWNLOAD is a snapshot in time, in relation 2 my story & origins within this music game.
*Thanx for your interest & giving this era of my music output some ear time.

Selections in order:

1. KDGR Dj announcement
2. Satisfaction
3. L.A. Ride
4. I Know What’z On Your Mind
5. Conversation 2/ Hood Shouts
6. It’s Only U (Feat. Suzanne on demo vocals)
7. Tranquility
8. Outro

Running time: 24:00


*All production, instruments, vocals, recording & music by: DāM-FunK (except vocals on „It’s Only U“ by Suzanne)

[Special thanx 2: Peanut Butter Wolf for pulling me up out of obscurity, at the correct time. Big love]


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