StartMusikDJ M-Rock - "The Best of A Tribe Called Quest" (Mixtape)

DJ M-Rock – „The Best of A Tribe Called Quest“ (Mixtape)

Neues Best-Of Mixtape von einem meiner momentanen Lieblings-DJ’s. M-Rock hat das beste aus der Kategorie ATCQ zusammengemixt.

Download: DJ M-Rock – The Best of A Tribe Called Quest

I“™m the biggest Tribe fan so it brings me a lot of pleasure to drop this mix. I haven“™t followed their solo acts much, but I watched them like a hawk growing up. In fact, the first piece of music I personally got my own hands on was their first album from the public library. I can talk all day about this group, its emotional for me in fact, because my fav. genre is hip-hop and after midnight marauders, hip-hop split into underground and pop, and I found both styles were trying too hard. Slum Village for example were so gangsta lyrically that it wasn“™t believable, and on the other hand, Jay-Z was the same thing. Plus, hustling and bitches are not interesting (Tribe talk about women instead). Both Slum and Jay were hot but as for vibe and lyricism, I“™m a lower-middle class kid and other than musical skill, I didn“™t relate deeply to any of this shit.

However, I did relate to Tribe. Tribe“™s music is honest, it doesn“™t have commercial appeal and it succeeded because these brothers were close and very gifted, far from the average. They got paid as a group and didn“™t fight over cheques. When they started falling off, the beats got mathematical and sample-free, they went soft as they brought J-Dilla in, who“™s ironically one of the rawest producers ever. I can even hear Tip mentioning his friends during Phife“™s verse in „1nce again“, an ignorant thing on his part, a lack of chemistry that was all over the last 2 albums. I relate to all of this because I fell off as a tablist, wasn“™t a team player myself towards the end of that phase in my career. With that in mind, this mix is none of those wacker moments, it“™s the straight rawness of Tribe, the group that wrote classic verses on the bus (buggin“™ out) or kept verses from their childhood (Tip wrote Bonita at 14). Go watch the movie, by the way, it“™s incredible. This mixtape took 3 weeks which is why M-Rock Mondays have been nothing, and now that it“™s done, I hope you all really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. – DJ M-Rock



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