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DJ Koze Slices Feature

Aus dem Electronic Beats TV Archiv stammt dieses Feature mit DJ Koze aus dem Jahr 2005. Das Features zählt zu den drei Favoriten, die die EB.TV noch einmal auf YouTube zeigt.

A decade has passed since Slices launched, which adds up to 350 videos, thousands of kilometres traveled, and tons of fun. To toast our 10th anniversary, we“™ve dug deep in the archives to find three of our favorite and most rare, out-of-print features from over the years, which we“™ll roll out to the Internet over the next three weeks. Although the holidays disrupt normal work schedules, you can find these forthcoming classic Slices features at the same time and channel as usual: Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Berlin time, here on Electronic Beats TV.

We“™re starting with a profile of Pampa Records founder DJ Koze, which premiered in February 2005. We made a conscious decision to publish the German version this time, as Koze’s gift for puns got a bit lost in translation.