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Dennis Coffey free remix EP „Outer Galaxies“

Gegen eure E-Mail-Adresse schenken euch Strut Records und Dennis Coffey die Remix EP „Outer Galaxies“ mit insgesamt 8 Reworks seiner neuen Tracks vom selbstbetitelten Album. Funky Pflichtdownload!

Detroit’s musical legacy is as rich in electronic music and hip-hop as it is in soul, funk & psychedelia. In celebration of Detroit guitar originator Dennis Coffey’s new self-titled album on Strut, we assembled some of the most talented artists from the Detroit area, all influenced by Coffey’s work, for a collection of re-interpretations and remixes of his new tracks. Just some more top quality Motor City funk for your listening enjoyment.

„Dennis Coffey is a legend, not merely for the timeless music he made in the past but also for the fact that he continues to be musically relevant to this day. Check out his new album for the pudding proof.“ Recloose

„Dennis is someone who not only was a part of some of the greatest songs ever recorded but also helped create the sound that influenced much of the hip hop music that we love so much. And he’s still creating timeless music.“ Jamall Bufford of Athletic Mic League

„It’s an honor to be a part of a project associated with Dennis Coffey.“ 14 KT

1. 7th Galaxy feat. Jamall Bufford (14 KT remix)
2. I Bet You (version) (DeepSeeSoundSyetem mix)
3. All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto remix)
4. Plutonius (Recloose Re-Dub) Cuts by DJ CXL
5. Imported From Detroit (Magestik Legend, Produced by Astronote) made from samples of Knockabout
6. Miss Millie feat. Kings Go Forth (Dabrye“™s Synthesized mix)
7. Space Traveller (Nick Speed remix)
8. Only Good For Ectomorph (Ectomorph appears courtesy of Interdimensional Transmissions)


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