Start Musik Breton – „Population Density“ (Official Video) + Carhartt Mix

Breton – „Population Density“ (Official Video) + Carhartt Mix

Notiz für mich selbst: Breton live sehen.
Mehr Breton im Carhartt Mix nach dem Klick und in den Links.

Filmed at Route du Rock, St Malo, France on August 12th 2012.

This video is a collaboration between our friends and the amazing people of Route Du Rock.

For their help and love in the making this happen we would like to thank.

Ondine Benetier, Nic „getting high“ Shonfeld, Art Perez, Blogotheque, Eric Hallier and all at Rennes TV, Joe Hallgate, Maxine Le Cerf, Aurellie and Quentin at Super and all who worked and attended Route Du Rock. If you see your picture leave a comment and we will add you to the credits.

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