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Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 = Hot Sauce Committee Part 1

Die Beastie Boys verwirren mich. Erst vergangene Woche ließen uns noch per Newsletter wissen, dass „Hot Sauce Committee Part 1“ auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben wird und statt dessen im Frühjahr 2011 „Hot Sauce Committee Part 2“ erscheint. Heute nun gaben die Beastie Boys die Tracklist für „Hot Sauce Committee Part 2“ bekannt. Und diese entspricht der Tracklist von „Hot Sauce Committee Part 1“.

Wie dem auch sei. Es ist Montagmorgen. Ich bin verwirrt. Und im Frühjahr gibt es neues Material von den Beastie Boys. Das ist die Hauptsache.

Hier ist die Tracklist und die Nachricht der Beastie Boys.


In what can only be described as a bizarre coincidence, following an exhaustive re-sequence marathon, Beastie Boys have verified that their new Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 will be comprised of the same 16 tracks originally slated for inclusion on Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. The record (part 2 that is) will be released as planned in spring 2011 on Capitol.

The tracks originally recorded for Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (which now are actually back on Part 1) have now apparently been bumped to make room for the former Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 material. Wait, what?

„I know it’s weird and confusing, but at least we can say unequivocally that Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is coming out on time, which is more than I can say about Part 1, and really is all that matters in the end.“ says Adam „MCA“ Yauch. „We just kept working and working on various sequences for part 2, and after a year and half of spending days on end in the sequencing room trying out every possible combination, it finally became clear that this was the only way to make it work. Strange but true, the final sequence for Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 works best with all its songs replaced by the 16 tracks we originally had lined up in pretty much the same order we had them in for Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. So we’ve come full circle.“

Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 marks Yauch, Mike „Mike D“ Diamond, and Adam „Ad Rock“ Horovitz’s first full length effort since 2007’s Grammy winning all-instrumental The Mix-Up. The new track listing of the album is now as follows:

Tracklist „Hot Sauce Committee Part 2“:
1. Tadlock’s Glasses
2. B-Boys In The Cut
3. Make Some Noise
4. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
5. OK
6. Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)
7. Say It
8. The Bill Harper Collection
9. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (featuring Santigold)
10. Long Burn The Fire
11. Funky Donkey
12. Lee Majors Come Again
13. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
14. Pop Your Balloon
15. Crazy Ass Shit
16. Here’s A Little Something For Ya

Marc hat ins Leben gerufen und teilt hier seit 2005 seine Leidenschaft für Musik und das Internet.


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