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Beardyman – I Done A Album

Beardyman hat ein Album gemacht. Anhören kann man sich „I Done A Album“ ab sofort im Luiserpaal. Ich bin gespannt.

Beardyman ‚I Done A Album‘ sampler minimix (mixed by JFB) by Beardyman

Tracklist „Beardyman – I Done A Album“:
1. And He Saw That It Was Good
2. Twist Your Ankal (Al Jolson’s Pondering Minstrel Edit)
3. Round The Clock Conclusions
4. Game Over (Latex Quim)
5. You. . . Win!
6. Vampire Skank
7. If Only
8. Oh! (feat. Foreign Beggars)
9. Big Man
10. Smell The Vibe
11. Gonna Be Sick
12. This Turbulent Priest
13. When You See The Light
14. Blind Rabbits
15. Sativa Steps
16. Mullet Bwoy
17. U R Mine
18. Brighton Beach 04:20
19. Where Does Your Mind Go?
20. Nothing To Undo

„I Done A Album“ erscheint hierzulande am 15. April.

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