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Baduology – An Ode To Erykah Badu

TEREZA präsentiert einen Erykah Badu Mix der besonderen Art. „An Ode To Erykah Badu“ enthält 14 exklusive Remixe von 14 verschiedenen Produzenten und Sängern wie Dexter oder Brenk Sinatra. TEREZA präsentiert „An Ode To Erykah Badu“ anlässlich des 20. Geburtstags von Erykah Badus Erstlingswerk „Baduizm“.

„Baduizm was designed to get you high – just by listening to the music!“

Happy Birthday, Erykah Badu – over 25 years in the business and still State of the Art, uncompromising, fearless, constantly evolving and truly inspiring to whole generations of musicians.

BADUOLOGY is my personal ode to the ‚analogue girl in the digital world‘ in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her debut album ‚Baduizm‘ which is still one of my all-time-favorite LPs. It features some of Queen E“™s most significant work from the past two decades, alongside songs sampled on Badu records as well as unique skits and blends, all edited and mixed by myself.

The most special thing about it? It contains 14 exclusive contributions from some of my favorite producers / vocalists!
S/o @Bluestaeb // @brenksinatra // @Dexter_1 // @Duktus // @IAMNOBODI // @iamkabuki // @Klimeks // @hisnameisLuka // @Masegomusic // @NoahSlee // @seritheking // @sfidelity // @Silkersoft // @Thallus !!!

Artwork by Simone Cihlar