Start Lifestyle And Vinyly presst eure Asche in Vinyl

And Vinyly presst eure Asche in Vinyl

Rest In Vinyl – And Vinyly presst eure sterblichen Überreste in Vinyl. Dabei wird die nur Asche jedoch beigemengt, so dass das Hörerlebnis in Form von Knistern und Knacksern durch die Asche nicht zu stark beeinträchtigt wird.

And Vinyly ist ein Service von Jason Leach, der ein paar Record Labels und ein Presswerk in Scarborough an der Nordwestküste Englands besitzt. Andrea Lewis hat eine kurze Dokumentation über ihn und And Vinyly gedreht.

Pressing the ashes of the dead onto records: odd novelty or tender remembrance?

When it first made headlines in 2010, Jason Leach“™s UK-based company And Vinyly – which presses the ashes of the deceased into vinyl records for loved ones wishing to hold onto their memory – appeared to be something of a macabre novelty. But there might be more to preserving the departed (quite literally) on records than first meets the eye – and ear. Hearing Madge explores how Leach“™s venture was given new meaning when he was approached by a man looking to save his mother“™s recollections that he had recorded shortly before her death. Surprisingly touching, Andrea Lewis“™s short documentary is both a profile of an unusual business and a thought-provoking contemplation of the ways we chose to remember the dead.

Welches Song würdet ihr wählen? „Ashes to Ashes“ von David Bowie vielleicht?

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