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All Good Funk Alliance – A Native Tongues Tribute Mix


Kurzer, aber frischer Tribute Mix für die Native Tongues, das legendäre New Yorker Hip Hop Kollektiv um die Jungle Brothers, De La Soul und A Tribe Called Quest, von der All Good Funk Alliance.

*Common on the Native Tongue Sound
Sleeve „My Life“
A Tribe Called Quest „Bonita Applebum“ (Jon Kwest Rmx)
*Pharrell Interview on A Tribe Called Quest snip
De La Soul „Eye Know“ (Copycat Slight Re-Edit)
Hall & Oats „Can“™t Go for That“
De La Soul „Say No Go“ (Boyfriend Remix)
Copycat „Crossword Puzzle“
A Tribe Called Quest „Push It Along“ (Jon Kwest Rmx)
De La Soul „Keepin The Faith“ (Touchsoul Re-Edit)
Mighty Ryders „Evil Vibrations (Copycat Slight Re-Edit)
Rebirth „Evil Vibrations“
De La Soul „Saturday“ (Disco Fever Edit)
Steely Dan „Peg“ (SkiiTour Remix)
Sleeve „Get It On“
De La Soul „Me, Myself & I“ (Rockmaster Rus B Edit)
Young & Company „I Like What Your Doing“
Black Sheep „Strobe Light Honey“
Jungle Brothers „Doin our Own Thing“
SkiiTour „Akward Tour“
A Tribe Called Quest „Can I Kick It“ (Sharam Jay Remix)
*Dres & Fab Five Freddy Interview Snip
*A Tribe Called Quest Interview Snip
*Monie Love Freestyle

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