Start Art & Design 21 NIGHTS


JAAAAAAAAAAAA! Da freut sich der Prince Fan. Offizielles Live-Material von einer indigO2 Prince Aftershow + Bilderbuch im September.

The book jacket is printed with a black and silver duotone paper-over-board. It will be elegantly sealed in a purple slip case with foil stamping and then shrink wrapped for protection. 21 Nights was inspired by Prince and The NPG’s groundbreaking reign of 21 consecutive performances at London’s O2 Center during the summer of 2007.

It is a book that transcends the conventions of form as it includes stunning photography by Randee St. Nicholas, poetry by Prince throughout and Indigo Nights, a live sessions CD from O2 after-parties at the O2’s Indigo Club which also includes new music by Prince.

On Sale: September 9. 2008
$50 hardcover
$55 in Canada

Page Count: 256
Full length companion CD


Der UK-Import von Buch inkl. CD sowie die dt. Ausgabe sind bereits über zum Preis von EUR 45,99 bzw. 47,99 vorbestellbar. Als Vö-Termine werden der 1. September bzw. Oktober 2008 genannt.

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