StartMusik1UP Crew sprüht "Please, i can't breathe" Zug

1UP Crew sprüht „Please, i can’t breathe“ Zug

In Gedenken an George Floyd hat die 1Up-Crew einen „Please, i can’t breathe“ Zug gesprüht. 1Up schreibt auf Facebook:

Once again a person of color was murdered by police officers in the Divided States. A shameful video went viral where white officers were arresting George Floyd. One police officer was pressing his knee into Floyeds neck for about 7minutes. Floyd bagged for his live: „Please, i can’t breath, my neck hurts, you’re going to kill me!“
The officers ignored him. in the aftermath the police department was claiming that Floyd resisted his arrest, but on the smartphones filming there was no signs for resistances. Racially motivated police brutality is an ongoing issue in the US and a lot of other countries. It has to stop now, once and for all! Justice for George Floyd, Justice for all victims of the abuse from authority. Support you local anti brutality movement organisations.
Get organized!

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