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Gebrüder Teichmann Audio Biography

Ich höre gerade das neue Album der Gebrüder Teichmann They Made Us Do It, das am 28.10.11 erscheint. Um auf den Release noch ein wenig einzustimmen, haben die Brüder ihre Audiobio in die Soundcloud hochgeladen.

Gebrüder Teichmann Audio Biography by gebrueder teichmann

Gebrüder Teichmann Audio Biography: from our heart to yours – since 1989:

1. Uli Teichmann: „Live Improvisation“ (1999 – unreleased, recorded live at Jazzweekend Regensburg)
The brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann were exposed to music by their father, the jazz saxophonist Uli Teichmann in their early childhood.

2. Totalschaden: „Datengesichert“ (1991 – Tape / unreleased, produced by Andy Classen)
Back in 1989 Andi and Hannes formed their punk band ‚Totalschaden‘ when they were only 9 and 13 years old. This Recording was made around 1991 with Andi on the guitar, Hannes on the mic and the brothers Cornelius Kellner on the bass and Tobias Kellner on the drums.

3. Totalschaden: „Burning“ (1994 – Tape / unreleased, produced by Tom Kelm)
A few years later both Totalschaden“™s line up and music had changed. By 1994 the brothers were playing together with Michael Stein, Lukas Kugler and Martin Haygis. Oh, and Hannes voice had changed in the meantime!

4. Ultra Orange: „Day Six“ (1996 – Extune Records)
After Totalschaden Andi picked up the drums and formed the band „Ultra Orange“ (1993 – 1997), together with Claudia Milic and Matthias Lichtenegger. Their sound was more wave than punk. With Ultra Orange Andi released his first two records „Ride“ and „Split“ on the small underground label „Extune Records“.

5. „Turned“ (1996 – unreleased)
Meanwhile Hannes had been infected with the electronic music fever and began to deejay. Under the artist name „“ (from 1993) Hannes and his friend Linus Brand produced their first techno tracks and released their debut EP, „Plattform“ on Tom Clark“™s label „Gold Plate Music“. Later they changed their name to „ha.te & The Bad Financer“ and released several tracks on the brothers own label „Festplatten“.

6. beigeGT: „Knights Of The Jaguar“ (2001 – L´Age d´or)
One year later the brothers joined forces again and formed „BeigeGT“ (since 1996) with Klaus Kiesswetter (bass), Martin Haygis (vocals, guitar) and Wolfgang Reutter (guitar). This time around Hannes was behind the Moog synthesizer and Andi on the drums. They signed to „L“™Age d“™Or“ in 2001 and released several albums and EPs. BeigeGT´s cover version of DJ Rolandos „Knights of the Jaguar“ as a response to UR fight with Sony Music, was one of the first Techno Rock combinations, years before it became popular.

7. beigeGT: „Heat“ (2004 – L´Age d´Or)
In 2004 BeigeGT’s „Heat“ became the official song of the German handball team during the Olympic Games in Athens

8. Gebr. Teichmann: „Barzer“ (2000 – Kompakt)
In 1998 Andi also turned to electronic music and started to deejay. They began to spin as a team and also produced electronic dance tracks together. They released their debut single as „ha.te & Andi Orange“ after that they became „Gebrüder Teichmann“ on Kompakt Records (1998 – today). It was not long before it became their main project.

9. Teichmann Hurt: „Fin“ (2003 – unreleased)
In 2001 they met the composer and zither player Leopold Hurt. Almost immediately they began to collaborate, creating a beautiful project, simply named „Teichmann Hurt“ (2001 – today). Together they create a unique deep kind of live electronica, using the unusual combination of zither and electronics.

10. Hannes Teichmann: „Jäger“ (2001 – Festplatten)
Also in 2001 Hannes released his first solo EP. As a solo artist, Hannes“™ sound is dry, funky and invariably a little dirty.

11. Andi Teichmann: „Tape“ (2005 – Festplatten)
One year later, Andi followed suit with his first solo EP on Festplatten. Andi“™s solo work is often more rock-influenced and melancholic. In 2005 his first solo album „Fades“ was released on Festplatten.

12. DJ Machaut: Agnus Dei (2006 – live at Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg)
Together with Leopold Hurt and the classical vocalists Alois Späth, Klaus Wenk, Franz Vitzthum and Gerhard Hölzle, Andi and Hannes began the live project „DJ Machaut“ (2005 – today), which is based on the motets of Guillaume de Machaut (?-1377). Originally, the idea was to contrast electronic reinterpretations of Machauts mediaeval works with the classical originals, to show how similar his early composing-techniques are compared to the way electronic music is produced today. But the partnership progressed quickly and soon „DJ Machaut“ started working on their own material having the classical singers actively interact with the electronic compositions.

13. The Happy End: „Black Cancer“ (2010 – Festplatten)
Because of the successful collaboration between Andi Teichmann and Hans Forster on Andi“™s solo album „Fades“, the pair were encouraged to found their own rock project, which they have named „The Happy End“ (2006 – today). Their first album „Echoes of Jericho“ released in 2010, combines experimental electronics with noise rock elements.

14. Gebrüder Teichmann: „Dance & More (live at Tresor)“ (2008 – DiskoB / Speicher)
In 2007 the brothers released their first artist album „The Number of the Beat“ on Disko B Records. The brothers search more and more for a rough and analogue sound, that combines electronic dance music with the attitude of an improvising live band.

15. Gebrüder Teichmann & Rubber Inc feat. Caliph8: „Transfer and Thoughts“ (2007 – Goethe Institut / C/O Pop)
In the same year the Teichmann brothers worked with the electronic duo „Rubber Inc.“ in Manila, as part of the „Soundscapes Project“ initiated by Hans Nieswandt and the Goethe Institute. They get more and more interested in intercultural and interdisciplinary projects and work on several live collaborations, for example with the traditional Vietnamese musician Pam Thi Hue or the Algerian Oriental jazz band ‚Madar‘.

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